Cam Life Magazine

 Cam Life Magazine is the worlds first print & digital lifestyle and business journal for the live webcam Cam Life community. Cam Life is the go-to digital resource for the growing Cam industry. We inspire, we empower.  We are an independently published quarterly, with the muscle of a traditional media company, minus the corporate BS. We are lean, mean, and situated around the world.

Our Values

Cam Life Magazine is solely dedicated to the Live webcam community.   


At Cam Life, we think differently.

The world pushes a set path: do this, do that, climb the corporate ladder.

At Cam Life, we believe in dismantling that ladder, by putting the cam community first.

 We reject the myth of conformity.

We believe that you should live life on your own terms.

We believe that by putting the models,  entrepreneurs and fans of the live webcam community first they will, in turn, do the same.   

We believe in doing one thing very well instead of many things poorly. That is why Cam Life Magazine focuses solely on the webcam community. 

We believe that you can turn any dream into reality.

 Cam Life exists for the rebels, the dreamers, the models, entrepreneurs and fans of the live webcamcommunity.

For the people who yearn to learn.

For the people that desire FREEDOM.

And for the people who apply their knowledge.

Though few in numbers, the models’ entrepreneurs and fans that embody the power to do good – they are the leaders of today that will make the live webcam community a better place. We value them: we value you.

We value individuals.

We value the possibilities of the models, industry leaders, and the fans.   

We value challenging the status quo – because that’s who we are.